Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Motifs for Prints - Paperbags

How about motif prints on paperbags? There seems to be an infinite varieties of design arrangements and colour combinations that can be achived to make everybody's day. I just love designing.

Motifs for fabrics - Let's Pillow Fight

Don't we all love pillows. There is a pillow for every occasion, a pillow for every setting, a pillow for every mood. With a plethora of choices to mix and match the motifs and colours, every pillow can be a personalized snuggling companion. All these from just a few simple motif designs.

Motifs for Jewellery & Trinkets

Motif designs can take forms as pretty and wearable ornamental accessories. Besides, there are so many variations that can be derived from the original motifs. Once you get started, there's no telling how many styles and ideas will come rushing into your head. Kind of fun.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Motif Designs

I find nature's potential to inspire endless. Here are some illustrations of floral motif designs from my collection that I will use as graphical profiles to model and render my objects of interest.

Site under construction. More motifs coming.